Counselor Fees

Individual therapy for a 50 minute session: $125
Call 407.796.1759 today for more information about other services offered, including Sibling Sessions, Parenting Training, Family Therapy and Extended Sessions.

Payments Methods

Cash, Check or charge accepted.
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PLSA scholarship, PayPal, FSA/HSA are also accepted.

Free Session

To save you time, stress and money, pre purchase 9 sessions and get your 10th free of charge.  We would like to make your therapy experience easier to manage and less stressful.


At Perez Counseling Services, we accept out-of-network benefits, provide insurance reimbursement (when applicable), and itemized receipts for tax purposes. Many insurance plans reimburse a percentage of what you spend which can be a major benefit.